Bill Schuh Update – Two Ways to Care and Pray, Today

Dear Friends in Christ,

I have a couple updates for you regarding Bill Schuh and the Schuh family, as well as an invitation to a couple opportunities to care for them with support and prayer, today.

1) Organ Donation Flag Ceremony at 4 PM today, Tuesday, 10/13.
2) Prayer at the End of the Day, especially focused on the resurrection, at 9 PM tonight, Tuesday, 10/13.

Organ Donation Flag Ceremony
Bill is an organ donor. Because he will not survive his injuries, the last 24 hours or so have been spent in preparation for organ donation as he falls asleep in Christ.

Part of the organ donation process is an honoring of the person who is helping his neighbors in their bodily need, even at the end of his life. This is done at Carle by raising a flag in honor of the donor. The ceremony for Bill will take place today, Tuesday, 10/13, at 4 PM.

The family would very much like to have you join them. The ceremony is outside, so the public can be in attendance. Masks are still required. The ceremony takes place at the flag pole near the HVI (Heart and Vascular Institute) parking lot. While Carle indicates this is a paid lot, I just drove past it and it seems to be open for free right now. I recommend trying to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to provide time to ensure that you find parking.

Here are mapping app markers to guide you there:
Google Maps
Apple Maps

Prayer at the End of the Day
It is planned that Bill will fall asleep in Christ around 9 PM this evening, as the hospital staff takes him off life support. The family will be able to be with him in person, and we as his family in Christ have opportunity to be together in prayer, song, and the Word to encourage one another and pray for the family.

There will be a prayer service tonight, Tuesday, 10/13, at UniLu at 9 PM. We’ll pray together, sing together, and hear from God’s Word about His promises of life and resurrection for all believers. (We will also stream this service on our Facebook page, )

Dear ones, please continue in prayer for the Schuh family. And please consider our Lord’s call to you, to make use of His Word and Sacrament in strengthening and sustaining your faith in Christ Jesus and His salvation and eternal life for you. 

Christ keep you,
Pastor Schuermann