Cutting, Grinding, and Chipping ‘20

UniLu has had, for many, many years, a whole bunch of yew bushes (see some of them in the picture above). As bushes tend to do, these yew bushes grew and grew. And they ended up a little too big and overgrown.

So what to do? We decided that we needed to cut them out. And grind the stumps. And chip all the branches. And also cut down two trees while we were at it. So we did it. It was a long, dirty day, but the deed is done. Thanks a bunch to Bob and Cindy Roley from Grace Lutheran Church in Strasburg, IL, as well as Nathaniel Stoll (U of I ‘20), a just graduated attendee of the congregation, who came up from Mattoon to run the chipper all day. Way to go, Nathaniel!

Bonus: It’s tradition for Pastor and grads to have a picture together. We finally were able to do this on Sunday, August 16th. Nathaniel visited UniLu for Divine Service before heading down to Texas for employment. Godspeed, Nathaniel!