The Official 2021 Welcome

Dear Friends in Christ,

I hope this note finds you somewhere in the process of getting to your campus-area abode for the upcoming school year (or continuing to abide here). I mailed a letter out a bit over a week ago to whomever I had a mailing address for at the time. If you’ve not seen it for some reason, here’s a PDF.

I want to encourage you to do a few things as you prepare for this year:

  • Join us at UniLu your first Sunday in town. Make the effort. You’re a Christian, and you need to be fed with Christ, the Bread of Life. His Word and His Supper are our sustenance and strength throughout our lives. The Divine Service is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Bible Class is at 9:30 a.m., beginning Sunday, August 22nd.
  • Sign up for UniLu texts and emails. We send 2–3 texts and/or emails a week with updates, announcements, and information to help you prepare for getting the most out of the Sunday Divine Service. Text UNILU to 77411 and answer a few automated questions.
  • Stop in and say hello. If you’re back, I’d love to catch up. If you’re new, I want to meet you and show you around. UniLu is your church home here on campus and I hope it can be your go-to place for studying, playing, and receiving Christ’s gifts. All of move-in week (Sat 8/14–Sat 8/21) I plan to be in 10am-5pm, at least. The main page of our website,, will have the complete schedule. And of course, Sunday mornings we’re here for Christ’s gifts.

Finally, a couple early events to be aware of:

  • Sunday, 8/22 – We’ll have a cookout at the church at 5 p.m. Some free food for you after Quad Day is done. After the meal (7 p.m. or so) we’ll have an Evening Prayer service for everyone, and especially for you if you couldn’t be with us in the morning Divine Service.
  • Saturday, 9/11 – We’ll have a fun canoe trip just over the border in Indiana. Sign-up and info is/will be here at the church.
  • Friday-Saturday, 9/24–25 – Friday evening and all day Saturday will be the CID Campus Ministry Retreat at Camp CILCA. We’ll hang out, enjoy the great outdoors, sleep indoors, and pray, sing, and study the Word together with fellow Lutherans from some of the other schools around the state. Again, more info and sign-up at the church.

I am overjoyed at the thought of seeing you soon in our Lord’s house. Christ keep you!

Pastor Michael Schuermann

P.S. – Don’t hesitate for a moment to call or text if you have any need, prayer request, etc. 

P.P.S – If you are no longer a student and/or no longer in the area, would you please reply and let me know for my records?